Retail and Hospitality



PCC recognises the risk associated with staff performing duties in the ‘soft-target’ environment. Increasingly offenders are targeting retail venues such as late-night convenience stores, supermarkets, service stations, hotels, sporting, gaming and betting venues. Often staff are working alone within areas or alone all together in smaller venues and stores so we provide skills and techniques to deter and respond to threats. The prevalence of illicit drugs such as ‘ICE’ only adds to the likelihood of staff being subjected to crime.

PCC conducts programs to give staff an enhanced communication and safety ability and thus enhanced response and resolution capability. The front-line adaptive communication (FLAC) program includes components such as ‘being caught in a crime’ and ‘hostage survival’ preparing for worst case scenarios as one should in sound risk management. Not all clients require such a specialised level of training, however, and so the program, at a minimum, covers off on advanced communication strategies, safety, positioning and small team tactics as well as having a heavy focus towards behavioural detection and prevention of crime. The program is currently being developed with Melbourne supermarkets.

PCC also provide an ‘in-house’ negotiation capability development program for other retail sectors where public interests need to be protected. Clients requiring these specialised products include banking groups and large organisations employing staff at risk including response and management of Kidnap and ransom situations.

On a lighter note PCC provides consultancy to film and television production houses developing content pertaining to the teams background and expertise. This starts from brain storming plot ideas with writing teams to script supervision and on-set technical advice’ PCC enjoyed assisting Southern Star for 3 years on the highly acclaimed television drama series ‘Rush’, winning an AFI for best drama in season 3.

Products applicable

  • Front-line adaptive communication (FLAC) program
    • Safety and Tactics
    • Behavioural Detection
    • Psychological aspects
  • Critical incident response course – 16 hours
  • First Response Negotiator Course – 40 hours
  • Behavioural targeting and questioning (bTAQ)
  • Profit protection and investigation consultancy and programs via TreMac group