Law Enforcement, Military and Security



PCC consultants and trainers have a long history in policing and law enforcement including spending many years in specialist training units within Victoria Police, New South Wales Police and the Australian Federal Police.

The PCC team have direct experience developing and delivering training for police, law enforcement and security personel in the fields of hostage negotiation, critical incident response, close personal protection, air security officer, behavioural detection and operational safety and tactics. Not only has the team collectively trained hundreds of operatives they have been responsible for ensuring currency and enhancement of skills through mentoring and coaching on the job.

PCC offer this experience and expertise to policing and law enforcement agencies looking to out-source skill development and specialist training items. Our team now not only consists of those with police training and operational backgrounds but also joins forces with highly experienced psychologists ensuring delivery of thorough and well-balanced products.

PCC staff have also been actively involved in providing communication training for military reserve forces personnel and CPP training for specialist staff charged with the protection of high-ranking military officials. In addition, we have conducted training courses abroad for the Armed Forces of the Philippines in hostage negotiation with PCC founder John O’Neil, at the time representing Australian Federal Police, delivering the very first course of its kind.

PCC continue to make services available to military units also considering external product development and delivery.


Products applicable

  • Front-line adaptive communication (FLAC) program
    • Safety and Tactics
    • Behavioural Detection
    • Psychological aspects
  • First Response Negotiator Course – 40 hours – includes psychological aspects of negotiation.
  • Critical incident response course – 16 hours – includes adaptive communication
  • Close Personal Protection Course
  • Witness Protection Course
  • Air Security Officer (Air Marshall Course)
  • Behavioural detection training programs
  • High Risk Escort Courses
  • First Response Negotiator skills enhancement course – 16 hours
  • Incident Controller program – 16 hours – incorporates a tailored incident management framework
  • Crime scene management – 4 hours
  • Defensive tactics and use of force training
  • Intelligence course – 16 hours