Government / Legal / Compliance

Government / Legal / Compliance


PCC are proud to offer consultancy and service to government, local, state and Federal as well as the legal field where we’re often called upon to provide ‘expert opinion’ documents in legal matters and for a variety of clients, including coronial inquests. Social, economic and political influencers and pressures are constantly impacting upon our communities and presenting challenges and difficulties for those working within the front-line government sector. In recognising this PCC offers a number of training programs each tailored to meet the needs of the particular working environment but all with one aim;

  • To increase the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of front-line staff who have the potential to be involved in confrontational situations involving aggression, violence and higher threats of force.

Additionally, the focus of our company is;

  • To train staff in prevention, detection, response, resolution and recovery from incidents.
  • To reduce the occurrence of emotional and physical workplace injuries
  • To mentally and physically prepare employees for dangerous situations and increase confidence and overall capability to manage such incidents. To come to work better prepared and to want to come to work!
  • To reduce lost time injuries and associated costs. To reduce incidents of litigation.

The PCC training team all come from extensive backgrounds within law enforcement working for both State and Federal Australian police agencies. Many have been fortunate enough to also train alongside our international counterparts both here in country and as guests of Government including the FBI hostage negotiator unit, LAPD SWAT negotiators, Scotland Yard Negotiator unit, Mi5, The US Secret Service, the Royal Protection Unit, Homeland Security – Dallas training centre, Profile Aware UK, Israeli Predictive Profiling specialists, Israeli Close Protection Unit, Philippine National Police and armed forces of the Philippines and the Hong Kong Police.

The team have sound expertise operationally and in training in policing disciplines ranging from general to specialist and include areas such as;

  • Hostage and crisis negotiation
  • Close personal protection
  • Police Tactical Group and critical incident response teams
  • Witness and asset protection
  • Public Order Management
  • Police technical unit
  • Crime scene unit
  • Covert surveillance
  • Air Security Officer
  • Counter Terrorism

PCC is currently engaged with a number of Government agencies including those working front-line in education and enforcement roles within;

  • The gambling and liquor sector, including responsible service of alcohol (RSA officers), responsible gaming liaison officers (RGLO) and licensing inspectors.
  • Investigators and stewards within the racing industry
  • Department of Health & Human Services – residential units and youth justice
  • Western Australia Department of Corrective Services
  • Transport Safety Victoria – marine safety officer unit
  • Australian Border Force – enforcement ops
  • City Of Melbourne and many other local municipalities

Products applicable

Depending on specific client needs we offer;

  • Purpose built communication, negotiation and safety programs
  • Expert opinion consultancy – needs basis.
  • Operational safety and tactics review
  • Occupational / Work Health and safety review
  • Workplace risk assessments
  • Occupational violence programs
  • Hostage negotiation course