Custodial, Corrections & Immigration



PCC develop capability for staff within the custodial, corrections and detention sectors. For corrections officers we develop crisis negotiation capability so that officers may respond to critical incidents such as barricades, sieges and suicide intervention situations and negotiate peaceful resolutions in line with legislative, use of force and company requirements. Projects commence with selection assistance, deployment policy, a 40-hour intensive training program and followed up with on-going support and skills enhancement.

The program is provided to Western Australia Department of Corrective Services, across the Immigration Detention network nationally and the Department of Justice and Regulation.

PCC also assist the Department of Health and Human Services with the Youth Justice Safety and Emergency Response team. We provide the group with training and skills in responding to critical incidents within the Youth Justice environment to help in achieving safe and successful outcomes.

Developing middle and senior management teams is another area that PCC assist with in the management of critical incidents. We run an incident controller program which allows large organisations to confidently place senior staff in the position of incident controller managing functional areas of operations, planning and logistics. It allows teams to respond, resolve and recover from major incidents, categorised as level 2 incidents, in a manner consistent with emergency management principles (Aiims and ICCS) and agencies across the country. This capability is in line with the Attorney Generals policy of ‘all hazards, all agency’ approach to emergencies and ensures that organisations manage these situations in a safe and effective way.

PCC maintain a close working relationship with organisations requiring this specialised skill set from inception to design of incident management frameworks and safety principles through to sourcing and maintaining specialist equipment and ensuring that the teams maintain currency and operational application consistent with law enforcement negotiation practice around the country.

Products applicable

  • First Response Negotiator Course – 40 hours – includes psychological aspects of negotiation.
  • Front-line adaptive communication (FLAC) program
    • Safety and Tactics
    • Behavioural Detection
    • Psychological aspects
  • Critical incident response course – 16 hours – includes adaptive communication
  • First Response Negotiator skills enhancement course – 16 hours
  • Incident Controller program – 16 hours – incorporates a tailored incident management framework
  • Crime scene management – 4 hours
  • Defensive tactics and use of force training