Defensive and Last Resort Tactics, Public Order Management (POM) and Control and Restraint

Defensive and Last Resort Tactics, Public Order Management (POM) and Control and Restraint

The ProCom team have sound expertise operationally and in training disciplines ranging from general to specialist.

Defensive and last resort tactics courses are built in close liaison with the client ensuring that there is a valid need for such training and that the taught application is appropriate. Programs all include use of force legislation and relevant internal policy. All programs come with negotiation and essential dialogue components that support the physical elements as well as a promotion of appropriate mindset. These programs are not just about the physical as philosophy and thinking play a major role. Program duration is dependent upon client needs with some courses running a full 8 hours, however, modules are often included within front line training programs such as those delivered to nursing teams and flight attendants. Where required control and restraint is also taught including mechanical restraints and where an organisation has a legal provision for the carriage of impact weapons PCC delivers this training all integrated with communication.

The public order management (POM) courses are designed to assist law enforcement agencies and large organisations where specialist skills are required within unique working environments to bring calm after periods of disturbance.

Pro-Com offers both level 1 and level 2 intensive programs up to 6 days in duration covering aspects such as dispersal, containment, isolation and crowd psychology. These programs can be delivered on or off-shore.

  • Level 1 – Defensive: of personnel or infrastructure
  • Level 2 – Dispersal: taking the initiative from the crowd

These courses integrate with and employ Front Line Adaptive Communication (FLAC) principles.